Monthly Business Meeting – February 6, 2021

Monthly Business Meeting
February 6, 2021
Meeting ID: 268-304-8729
Password: ose2021
I. Call to Order
• 4:20pm
II. Roll Call
Coolblood ONYX Aludin ONYX Master James ONYX
Deejay boy ED Bahamut ONYX
Jamal ONYX Everette ONYX Hannibal ONYX
InTime ONYX Jade ONYX Merlin ONYX
Ravenclaw ONYX Nightshade ONYX Sir Yardie ONYX
Buddha ONYX
III. Checking In – How are you doing?
• Everyone is doing great and holding up well during the pandemic.
IV. Approval of Minutes
¬ Motion: approval of minutes from December 5, 2020 meeting.
¬ Results: motion passed unanimously
V. Executive Reports
a. Secretary Report
• Thank you to everyone who assisted in making 2020 a successful year for me and the organization.
• If anyone needs assistance with anything, please reach out to me.
• This year I will be focusing heavily on our social media presence. If anyone
has any ideas or anything they would like to see on social media please let me
b. Historian Report
• I am working on obtaining more vintage photographs for me to post on Facebook and Twitter.
• I am still working with Ralph to complete our coffee table book.
c. Road Captain Report
• No Report
d. Treasurer Report
• $4,247.09 (Monthly bills not included in this amount)
• Dues has been extended until May 31st.
• You can now pay your dues online through the Onyx Southeast website portal.
e. Sargent Master Report
• I am going to open new membership applications in March. Hopefully, I will have a final line by June.
• I am currently working on the syllabus for the upcoming pledge class. I will send it to the executive board for them to review as soon as I complete.
f. Vice President Report
• Transfer of membership
• Guy DeBrownsville wants to join ONYX SE. He moved from New York City to South Carolina recently. He was an active associate member of Onyx NY/NE. I spoke to the Vice President of ONYX NY/NE. He said that Guy would be a huge asset to the organization.
¬ Motion: Accept Guy DeBrownsville transfer from ONYX NY/NE to ONYX SE as an associate member.
¬ Results: Motion passed unanimously
g. President Report
• No report
VI. Old Business
a. OSE Calendar
• Merlin ONYX – The ONYX Southeast calendar was cancelled because there was not a lot of support from the ONYX Southeast brotherhood. Chapter sales and participation with promotion was exceptionally low. I did not think we should have continued with sales of the calendar. I refunded everyone who brought a calendar their money. The coffee table book is still on the floor. I have not been in touch with Ralph about the coffee table book recently. He has been very busy as of late building his brand.
• boy Ed – Can we save the images and use them for later in the year and create a calendar to be sold in December?
• Merlin ONYX – We may have new brothers who want to join and want to be a part of the calendar. We may just have to do a reshoot.
• Aludin ONYX – We can start promoting the calendar in July and do a rollout or a soft launch. We can give teaser photos every month to help build anticipation/interest in the calendar.
• DeeJay – Can we buy our individual photos from the photoshoot to help offset the cost of what the organization paid for the photoshoot?
• Aludin ONYX – We should wait on releasing the photos because if we release the photos or sell them early then it would take away from the calendar.
• Jamal ONYX – We should not let anyone buy the individual photos. It is our product and we need to hold on to them until they are used properly.
• Aludin ONYX and Hannibal ONYX will work on coming up with an idea to complete the calendar.
b. SE Committees
• Merlin ONYX – Coolblood ONYX sent out a document with detailed committee descriptions. Hopefully, everyone had the chance to read over the document.
• Merlin ONXY shared the document with everyone and went over all committee descriptions with everyone present.
VII. New Business
• All meetings will be on zoom until further notice.
• Mr. World Bear will be August 19th – 22nd in Memphis, TN. Our Southeast
brother Buddha ONYX will be competing this weekend. We should be there
to support him.
VIII. Announcements
b. Blackout 26 postponed until 2022
c. International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack (IMsLBB) – 4/16 – 4/18 (virtual event)
d. International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack (IML) – 11/11 – 11/14
IX. Adjourn
• 5:40pm

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